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oskar blues stands out at a bar with thinfilm smart coasters

Oskar Blues case study
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Smart Coasters Help Brewery Stand Out in a Crowd

Oskar Blues Brewery partners with Thinfilm to deliver an engaging, on-premise experience at a bar or restaurant that prompts reorder. 

The Challenge:

  • In major metropolitan areas, the vast majority of bars offer between 25 to 100 different beer brands at any given time.1
  • Bar patrons prefer to order beers on tap, with craft beer brands seeing even smaller percentages of bottle/can orders.2
  • Oskar Blues Brewery knew it had to try something new to attract attention.

The Solution:

  • Oskar Blues Brewery wanted to deliver an engaging, on-premise experience at a bar and prompt them to order the new 16-ounce Dale's Pale Ale Draft Can.
  • 200,000 "smart coasters" integrated with Thinfilm NFC SpeedTap™ technology were distributed to all bars and restaurants that offered the new 16-ounce Draft Can. 

  • The data shows that consumers responded positively to the campaign - participants spent 4.5X more time on the Oskar Blues website and 60% of them made return visits.

1 Datascope study, The State of Craft Beer in Chicago, May 21, 2015. 

2 BevSpot study, Draft vs. Bottle: A Data Breakdown of Beer Ordering Habits. April 26, 2017.

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