Thinfilm OpenSense™ Technology

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Thinfilm OpenSense Technology

OpenSense NFC sensor tags provide enhanced product security and rich consumer engagement



  • OpenSense tags deliver thin, flexible, cost-effective protection with significant improvements over traditional NFC and RFID-based authentication

  • Uniquely identifiable NFC tags can be integrated into everyday items, including consumables and their packaging

  • Tag senses the 'sealed' or 'opened' state of the product or package and wirelessly transmits status information along with the tag's unique identifier
  • Interactive mobile content can be customized based on sealed/opened status
  • Ideally suited for these key markets and applications:

✓ Mobile marketing and advertising

✓ Interactive packaging

✓ Anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion monitoring

✓ Wine and spirits

✓ Health and beauty care

✓ Pharmaceuticals

✓ Automotive parts


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