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Korean Red Cross Implements Thinfilm NFC Solution for Relief Efforts

Korean Red Cross case study

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Thinfilm Helps Korean Red Cross Improve Operations and Transparency with NFC Technology

Thinfilm's NFC solution facilitates exchange of goods for humanitarian aid, reducing the burden of manual transactions

The Challenge:

  • Record-keeping process for the 'Windmill of Hope' relief program was labor-intensive, affecting operational efficiency.
  • Manual tracking process was potentially subject to inaccurate reporting and lack of transparency in the exchange of goods and services.

The Solution:

  • The Korean Red Cross partnered with Thinfilm to replace the paper-based transaction process with NFC SpeedTap™ delivery tags.
  • 20,000 NFC tags were deployed in the field to confirm delivery of relief-related goods, resulting in improved operational efficiency and transparency.
  • Initial results show 90% increase in adoption of Thinfilm's NFC solution month-over-month, and 128% lift in tap rate over the same period.

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