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Kilchoman drives brand loyalty with Thinfilm mobile marketing solution

Kilchoman uses NFC solution to educate and engage whisky consumers
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Interactive Bottles Help Scottish Distillery Build Brand Loyalty

Kilchoman Distillery Co. partners with Thinfilm to stand out in the crowded whisky market and boost engagement with consumers

The Challenge:

  • Kilchoman Distillery produces 100% Islay single-malt whisky "from barley to bottle" and needed a fresh, new way to communicate its brand story and stand out in a competitive market.
  • Each year, 126 licensed distilleries produce and distribute several thousand brands of scotch whisky to more than 200 markets worldwide.1
  • Kilchoman identified key success factors for the solution, including: ease of deployment, engagement impact, and access to consumer behavior data via integrated software.

The Solution:

  • Kilchoman replaced conventional neck-tag booklets with Thinfilm's NFC interactive neck-tags for its Machir Bay and Sanaig whisky - creating a digital touchpoint that transformed each whisky bottle into its own marketing channel.
  • Using Thinfilm's CNECT™ Cloud Platform to manage all unique tag IDs at the batch level, Kilchoman was able to track "ship-to-shelf" timing across a dozen distributors in 13 countries, and analyze consumer interaction data in real-time.

  • The data showed a 6.5% engagement rate using Thinfilm's solution - many times more effective than traditional digital marketing activities.   

1 Scotch Whisky Association:

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