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Coronado Brewing boosts consumer loyalty with 'smart coasters'

Coronado Brewing Co. Case Study

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Innovative Coasters Help Brewery Boost Website Conversions

Coronado Brewing Co. taps into Thinfilm technology to engage beer drinkers in saturated marketplace.

The Challenge:

  • More than 3,900 new beer products hit the U.S. market in 2016.1
  • Coronado Brewing Co. is competing with both macro and craft beer brands for limited shelf space in grocery and convenience store locations.
  • Craft beer connoisseurs tend to be brand promiscuous, trying out new products all the time.

The Solution:

  • To differentiate itself and get beer drinkers engaged with the brand, Coronado Brewing Co. hired Thinfilm to implement a different kind of integrated mobile marketing solution.
  • The data shows that consumers responded enthusiastically to the campaign, with up to 17.5X increase in web conversions, compared to Coronado Brewing Co.'s other marketing channels.


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