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Barbadillo boosts wine sales with Thinfilm NFC solution

Barbadillo case study - Thinfilm NFC Tap & Win Campaign

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"Tap & Win" Campaign Boosts Wine Sales and Consumer Engagement

Thinfilm's NFC solution helps Barbadillo "smart" bottle interactions drive over 30% of consumer purchase conversions.

The Challenge:

  • Bodegas Barbadillo, one of Spain's leading winemakers, wanted to attract and engage new consumers to their brand.
  • Barbadillo was interested in attracting new consumers in a relevant way so that they could build an enduring one-to-one dialogue with customers.
  • Barbadillo was looking to supplement traditional paid media channels with an innovative new channel that allowed them to gain sales and consumer engagement insight in real time from in-store to post-purchase.

The Solution:

  • Using Thinfilm's NFC SpeedTap™ tags applied to custom neck collars on 126,000 bottles of Barbadillo's bestselling white wine, Castillo de San Diego, the "Tap & Win" campaign was launched.
  • The campaign showed that Thinfilm's NFC solution as a media channel and consumer engagement platform performed exceptionally well, as compared to all other paid media channels - with 4X higher engagement rate than display banner ads
  • The campaign created more than 12,000 new consumers and increased visitors to Barbadillo's e-commerce site by 32%.

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